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Online Advertising on Dolfin Music

Build your brand online by advertising on our well know local web site!

Online advertising works by building your company's brand and also has the benefit of inviting an immediate response to your advert allowing people to click through to your web site/web page. Dolfin Music now offers online advertising on this site. Dolfin Music has 40-50000 impressions a month on Google and a click through rate of 4% from Google. Our site currently attracts over 3000 visits a month - download Google Analytics Visitors Report here and download a customers referral report here. If you would like a detailed site traffic report please contact us. Research indicates that niche market special interest web sites such as Dolfin Music have a competitive advantage regarding the success rate of online advertising. The research shows that users are 60% more likely to click on an advert on a special interest site than an advert on a major portal web site. Read 2009 Trends Report here. Our click through rate is currently 1.2% whereas the industry average is on.y 0.2%. Dolfin Music has an average 6300 page impressions per month. Download our mechanical data and rate card here.

The most effective online adverts are animated .gif or Unicast/flash/video multimedia adverts as these have the highest click though rate, but you can build your brand awareness very well with our reasonably priced run of site banner ad. For more information about our online advertising offers and traffic rates please contact us. We will also give you a 10% discount if you book an ad for a 3 month period. Also there is no VAT to add.

We are especially interested to hear from music venues / radio stations / shops or any other music related business that would like to advertise with us.

Download Traffic Report Here

Download Referral Report here

Page SIZE COST / MONTH Unique Tracking Hyperlink to your content
Full page Whole page with nav link £50.00 Multiple For a small amount per month we can host a whole page on our site dedicated to your business subject to content approval that it is relevant to our site's topics. We can build the page for you with your content and information, graphics and hyperlinks.This is an excellent opportunity to market special events or promotions that you are planning.
Run of site Navigation Banner 728 x 90 pixels £40.00 Yes Above the main site navigation on every page
  Sidebar Skyscraper 120 x 600 pixels £25.00 Yes These would be placed in the right or left hand column of the pages towards the top, one ad only at a time.
Multimedia/Unicast 400 x 400 pixels £40.00 Yes Multimedia adverts would be placed at the top of the page on the site to either the left or right of the Dolfin logo. 2 spaces available, one space per customer
  Box advert 200 x 200 pixels £20.00 Yes Small effective box adverts placed on one or many pages. Price is per box advert, one advert per page per customer
  Text Box £15.00 Yes Small effective text box adverts good for contextula advertising
If you would like to book a combination of adverts / timescales please contact us for a quotation.


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